Shared Culture Concepts had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Carlie Huberman of Elite Arts Physical Therapy. We discussed Carlie’s background as a performer starting as a young six-year-old girl being thrown into a professional production even though she was younger than the children they normal accept, her unexpected swinging trapeze performance at eleven years old, and going into college performing as a cheerleader. Throughout Carlie’s career, she accumulated injuries that eventually hindered her ability to perform circus arts. After seeking professional help, a doctor told her that she just avoid doing moves that are quintessential to aerial arts. Carlie refused to accept this lazy medical advice and studied to become the Physical Therapist she, and all performance artists, dreamed of- one whose goal was to get you back to doing what you love no matter what it takes.

“What has made my business different is the fact that I’m willing to be creative… Sometimes people aren’t willing to just get weird and try something different even if it fails.”

Carlie has led a creative life since she was a child, so naturally her creativity has bled into her PT business. She uses this to find outside of the box exercises to get her client’s body high functioning. She  also uses the advantages of social media to drive her flow of business.

“Being creative online can help drive people to me. Having an online presence gets people to feel like they know me before they have to decide whether they want me to be their PT.”

Carlie, who is half of the incredible Bella Vid Duo, leaves us with some words of advice for creating with a partner.

“If you’re idea isn’t working for them, you have to be like, ‘Ok, it’s not my turn. This is not going to work with my idea. Let’s use your idea.’ When you’re training with somebody and something is not working you have to stop first and be like, ‘Ok, what did I do that made the trick not work?’ And then when I figure out what I did, then I can ask, ‘What can we do?’. It can’t just immediately be ‘You’re fault’ every single time. Each person did something that made this go off-balance and that’s how counter balances work. Just recognizing that there is always something you can do to help make it better even when it feels like the other person messed up, usually there is something you did. So starting off with is figuring out what you can do to make something better is going to make the conversation flow.”

If you are interested in discovering the potential to perform pain free and you live in Raleigh, North Carolina or the surrounding areas, schedule an appointment with Elite Arts PT today! Carlie also teaches trapeze and injury prevention workshops, works with Dr. Jen Crane of Cirque Physio as a coach for her MyFlex Program, trains and performs trapeze and partner acrobatics, and performs in the duo act Bella Vida Duo! Check out one of their striking duo performances here.