I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Tim Yeadon at Glyde Golden for their podcast.

Here is a summary of what we talked about:

  • How Katie niched in marketing for the circus community [00:26]

  • Explainer videos and where the need for them exists (or doesn’t) [1:11]

  • An overview of the circus world [3:00]

  • What part of the circus community Shared Culture Concepts does marketing for [4:34]

  • Building sustainable service packages [5:20]

  • Charging for your work vs. doing things for free or cheap [7:21]

  • Business mistakes Katie has made by doing things for free [8:09]

  • How Katie named Shared Culture Concepts [11:07]

  • Katie’s path to becoming a marketer [12:42]

  • How Katie became an aerialist. [17:19]

  • Merging a personal passion with your marketing agency [18:24]

  • Katie’s experience with the pandemic [20:07]

  • Building and keeping a team [21:03]

  • Finding your niche but remaining open [24:28]

  • Marketing a marketing agency [26:13]


Clyde Golden is a creative agency in Seattle specializing in research, strategy, and content creation via Customer Journey programs.

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