As the owner of a startup company, you want to take good care of it…nurture it…feed it…and support it as it grows. You are the parent of this little fledgling, and it’s your responsibility to care for and protect it.

Just like a new parent, there are so many things you’re being told you “need” to do. But there is really one absolutely essential foundational key to the growth of your business baby.

A kick-a** marketing strategy, obviously.

Some say that startups should spend as little as possible on marketing. This isn’t really true, as long as you focus on positive ROI (return on investment).

To create an amazing marketing strategy for your startup, you first need:

  • An amazing product – you’ve done your testing, you know what the people want. And you stand behind your product 100%. For early-stage startups, feedback is much more important than clients. The faster you can resolve customer complaints and improve the product, the more likely you are to be successful.
  • Clear branding – your branding is the face of your business. It will be associated with the way your service and products make clients feel. Branding is a necessity to get right.
  • A website that’s sharp and easy to navigate – people want clear, concise, aesthetically-pleasing, and to the point.

Once you’ve got those in place, you’re ready for the next stage.

  • SEO – Search engine optimization is how you get found online. It’s not something you should ignore. Don’t try saving money by hiring cheap SEO. If you get someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing, they’ll cost you a lot more than you think because you’ll have to redo their work in the end. Be prepared to pay a decent price for good SEO services.
  • Facebook Ads – get down to the nitty-gritty with super-targeted ads.
  • Set up a customer feedback system.
  • Fine-tune your messages to speak to your ideal clients.
  • Google Adwords – If your product solves an problem that people search for, there’s a high likelihood that Google AdWords would be a great platform to market your business.

And there is oh, so much more! Got questions? Drop us a line.

What stage is your startup in?