“I did not grow up thinking I would go into marketing OR circus. Those were the furthest things from my mind!”

Stacie and Katie did their first Instagram Live tonight and talked all about the beginning of SCC, where and how it started, and also how Katie got into aerial arts. They also discussed some of the challenges of marketing, and how Katie wants to help support the passions of those in the circus community.

(Stacie also demos an amazing plant in her house that somehow turns off and on the lights when you touch the leaves…and even works like a dimmer…whaaat??)

They also chatted about starting a new business.

“The very first thing we want to do is to define what your mission is. What is your goal? What is driving you to want to do this to begin with? Try to build everything around that. If you can tap into that passion, it’ll be so much stronger. People can feel that.”