Client Liaison & Creative Consultant

Tell me a little bit about your educational and professional background.
Instead of going right to college, I delved into the workforce! I started as a customer service representative for PayPal as a fraud prevention specialist and worked my way up to being the trainer! Although I doubt my fraud analysis and compliance knowledge will be useful anytime soon, I learned so much about communication and computer proficiency.

Eventually I realized that payment processing was not my passion, and I’ve been working as a floral designer for the last year! This gives me a lot of exposure and practice with design elements. My favorite thing to play with is color palletes!

What do you love about what you do?
I love everything about design! Whether it’s graphic, media, or floral design, getting my creative juices flowing and seeing my client’s faces when I hand them something beautiful makes my heart sing! Being surrounded by and constantly focusing on beauty has shaped my eyes to see everything as art. I also love that I get to work closely with the circus and performance arts community which inspires and drives me forward with my own aerial arts.

What do you like about working for SCC?
I am incredibly passionate about circus and supporting my circus community! I want everybody to have a platform to express what they work so hard on, and I know when you’re training all day there is not much time for making a social presence to share with your art with the world. It brings me so much joy to be the creative force behind getting clients the recognition they deserve! Not to mention, I feel fortunate to get to connect with different circus clients and be exposed to what’s happening right NOW in the performing arts world.

What do you do in your spare time?
I spend all my spare time (and money) focusing on aerial arts! You can often find me up in the air practicing moves or on the ground training my flexibility and strength. I have never found something that brings so much joy and ambition out of me! The second I walk in to my aerial studio, the rest of the world melts away. My mother likes to remind me that when I was a little girl I cried about not being able to grow a beard so I could join the circus! I still haven’t grown a beard, but I am fulfilling my childhood dream of joining the circus!