Full Marketing Analysis


In-depth review of your online presence and marketing strategy.



  1. After purchasing the analysis, you’ll be sent to a Google Form to fill out. Please include anything you think would be helpful to us to know! Your concerns, goals, details about your business, etc.
  2. During the Assessment, which usually takes about 1-2 weeks, we review your entire online presence: website, branding, social media, directories, ranking, etc, and look for areas that need strengthening/improvement.
  3. Next we create a customized strategy with a list of recommendations based on improvement opportunities that we see. This will cover: branding, website, SEO, social media, etc. Many tasks you can implement yourself, and others we can help you with.



  • Logo review – $25 value
  • Branding analysis – $99 value
  • Website audit – $295 value
  • Social media presence – $193 value
  • Online directories review – $98 value
  • SEO audit – $319 value
  • Total value $1,029