Step 1: Creation of digital strategy to meet your objectives and/or long term goals.

This includes

  • keyword research
  • competitor research
  • audit of online presence
Step 2: Setup on platform(s)
  • Monthly Google Text ads
    • Keyword research
    • Ad copy creation
    • Ad extensions
    • Campaign setup and monthly optimization
  • Monthly Google Display ads
    • Production of ad creatives (up to 5 ad sizes)
    • Setup and Optimization
  • Monthly Youtube Trueview Ads
    • Setup and Optimization
  • Monthly FB/Instagram ads
    • Pre Work (Ad account creation, pixel generation and installation, Custom audiences setup)
    • Production of Ad Creatives (1-3 creatives per setup)
    • Ad Campaign Setup (up to 5 setups)
    • Optimization
Step 3: Optimization of ads

Best practices to boost or maintain the good performance of the campaign.

Step 4: Reporting
  • Reporting with Insights and Recommendations
      • Google AdWords Report (per ad type)
      • Facebook/Instagram Ads Report (per ad type)
      • Google Analytics Report