Marketing Analysis

In-depth review of your online presence and marketing strategy.

1: Request Analysis

Review the items below, and choose your options! When you’re ready, click the button for which version of the analysis you’d prefer.

2: Assessment

During the Assessment, which usually takes about 1-2 weeks, we review your entire online presence: website, branding, social media, directories, ranking, etc, and look for areas that need strengthening/improvement.

3: Your Customized Strategy is Prepared

Next we create a customized strategy with a list of recommendations based on improvement opportunities that we see. This will cover: branding, website, SEO, social media, etc. Many tasks you can implement yourself, and others we can help you with.


  • Logo review – $25 value – To ensure that your logo accurately communicates who you are and what you do.
  • Branding analysis – $99 value – To ensure that your branding truly represents you, and how you want your audience to feel.
  • Website audit – $295 value – To make sure your website is user friendly, mobile optimized, easy to navigate, and beautiful to look at…so you can get more sales!
  • Social media presence – $193 value – We check to make sure your social media is presented well, that your message is clear, and that your business is showcased in the best light possible!
  • Online directories review – $98 value – We want to make sure all your online “real estate” is consistent across the board, so that you and your brand are easily found, and easily recognized.
  • SEO audit – $319 value – We will check to make sure that your website pops up when people type in your keywords, and show you any errors that need correcting.
  • Business and Sales Analysis w/ Circus Boss – $350 value – A huge part of a good marketing strategy is communicating clearly about your business, and generating sales through all of your awesome marketing efforts. To really get the most of your analysis, we are pleased to offer a Business and Sales Analysis by our friends at Circus Boss for insights into how your business and sales strategies can be helping (or hurting) your marketing.
  • Total value $1,379


We promise you will find value in our assessment.

My gratitude to you and your team for your extremely quick turnaround, your honesty and transparency, and your willingness to be of help after the initial service. I can’t put into words how valuable your report was.

Kari Kirkland

Aerialist, Musician

No lie, Katie Betts and her team at Shared Culture Concepts were a total game changer.  From the beginning the support for my business, The Audacity Project, and the mission behind it was palpable.  She went above and beyond to understand not only where I was coming from but to communicate the areas I needed to strengthen.  With her help I grew my audience on every platform, one by 400%.

Rachel Strickland

Aerialist, Dancer, Choreographer, Mentor, The Audacity Project