Katie got the chance to sit down with her old boss, Aaron Krall, who is the main reason Shared Culture Concepts exists. Today, Aaron is a coach and consultant for software companies to get more users and retain customers. He works one on one with businesses to gain revenue and profit. Together they discuss taking risks in business, how you measure success, struggles with confidence in being a business owner, and making a difference. Aaron is an expert when it comes to what will drive a successful business and leaves this advice for entrepreneurs.

“How can you make an offer so good that people would have to be crazy to say no to it? I think the meat of any good business is having a really good offer…There are so many more ways that businesses can reduce the risks that a customers needs to take so they will buy from you.”

Aaron understands the importance of taking risks in business and has experience in doing so, whether it be taking the risk of delegating responsibilities to others or giving free services until a client can see the value of his work; a approach used often by leading companies such as Lyft or Postmates. Referencing The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks, Aaron discusses the importance of outsourcing tasks that are not in your “zone of genius”.

“The less control I have over the business, the more focus on what I’m really good at, the more successful I am”

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