We got the pleasure of interviewing Jolene Dickerson, a longtime performance artist, the heart and soul of Afterglow Aerial Arts, and one of valued clients. Jolene talks about the intimacy of building a business and the importance of personal boundaries. We also get an exclusive take on the history of Portland’s very own Afterglow Aerial Arts, an aerial studio located in Alberta Arts District.

“So, I thought about performing and the feeling you leave on the audience, like the afterglow. It’s like a residue or a feeling or an aura that you leave the audience with and I always think of it as a soft white light. So, when I’m performing I am projecting out this beautiful soft white light, just a nice glow that I leave the audience with and they can feel it from me and I can feel it from them and it’s really nice and it also keeps me connected with the audience.”

Finally, to follow with our mini-series theme of “How to Start a Business” we asked Jolene about the struggles of running a business and advice for new business owners.

“My advice would be to be authentic, be yourself. Don’t plagiarize anyone, don’t steal anyone’s ideas. Just be you. Dig deep within yourself, maybe do some really good meditation session. Sit on it. Think about it. Dig out all those ideas from deep down in your soul. I personally like to put everything on paper.”

Afterglow Aerial Arts is starting the late fall 8-week series on October 28th you can check out their full schedule here. The Afterglow Circus & Vaudeville Extraordinaire Student Showcase will be held at the studio on Saturday, November 16th and Sunday, November 17th.