Katie of Shared Culture Concepts sat down with Emily Merollis, MOTR/L, a circus artist and the founder of The Integrated Feminine, Inc., to discuss how to prioritize health and happiness in business and to learn more about her practice. The Integrated Feminine, Inc, is a highly specialized private practice that provides rehabilitation to those who suffer from pelvic floor dysfunction.  The Integrated Feminine, Inc. is dedicated to treating the whole system, including dietary changes, mindfulness and trauma release exercises, and teaching your body to work in new and improved ways with subtle cues and support. 

Emily shared with us some of her secrets to staying healthy. Although every body is different and requires unique care, she encourages people to focus on what they are putting into their body and how they are treating it.

“Are you nourished? Are you eating nutrient dense food? Are you sleeping? Especially if you are a high-performer type of person.”

And when it comes to staying happy, Emily admits that it takes some finesse and strategic scheduling.

“My strategy lately is that I am blocking out hours [for circus] and it’s part of my self care. It’s what I love, it makes me happy..And now I’m even buffering a little extra time. I train 4-5 days a week, and even if I can’t make it to the gym, I’m scheduling time in my calendar, blocking it out and removing that time from my calendar. If I need one more rest day or self-care day, I still block out that time to explore my body or think about training. It is such an important piece of my life. Scheduling is really important for me to keep balance. Make sure I budget enough time for things. Even scheduling creative time is important.”

We are OBSESSED with the power of morning and night routines lately! Emily shared her favorite morning routine: make tea, read for 15 minutes ( she prefers fiction to ignite a dreamy and connected headspace), 10 minutes of learning, movement meditation, and eating good food! She is also our second interviewee to mention the use of Morning Meditations, a practice coined by Julia Comeron in The Artist’s Way, to switch your brain into the creative flow. 

When it comes to her practice, she takes an integrated approach to treatment and looks at a variety of factors to health such as bladder evaluation, nutrition, exercise therapy, mental therapy, past injuries, and more. Emily looks at the body as a whole when working with them. She encourages her patients to listen to their body and the signals it is sending as a way to heal.

The Integrated Feminine, Inc. is located in the Mississippi Arts District in Portland, OR, and  is currently accepting new clients, you can go here to learn more. You can expect to receive treatment in the form of manual techniques and treatments such as: biofeedback, myofascial release, and physical manipulation (internal and external), as well as the therapist’s intuitive abilities to interpret your individual tissues and presentation and provide a specialized home program with prescribed exercises to perform on your own. You can schedule a FREE 15 minute consultation here.