Elite Arts Physical Therapy is a mobile PT clinic based out of Raleigh, NC and is owned and operated by Dr. Carlie Huberman, DPT, Raleigh native and lifelong performer. Elite Arts began as a dream to support performance artists to pursue their passions despite injuries. The goal being intimate to Carlie as she refused to accept lazy medical advice given to her to discontinue acrobatics due to previous injuries.

As a circus artist myself, I value the way Elite Arts personalizes PT services and medical advice to the unique goals and abilities of each individual client to keep them doing what they love for as long as possible. For those with dreams of pushing the limits of strength and flexibility, Huberman utilizes mobilization, cupping, massage therapy, dry needling, assisted stretching, and personalized workout plans to keep your body safe throughout your journey.

Carlieā€™s repertoire goes beyond PT as she also teaches trapeze and injury prevention workshops, works with Dr. Jen Crane of Cirque Physio as a coach for her MyFlex Program, trains and performs trapeze and partner acrobatics, and performs in the duo act Bella Vida Duo! Check out one of their striking duo performances here.

Shared Culture Concepts has been fortunate to work with Carlie to design the Elite Arts Physical Therapy website and logo. We continue to support and cheer her on as fans and fellow performers.