Interview with Louis Loprinzi Kammerer of Bones Breathing (CONDENSED VERSION)

Katie Betts, the owner of Shared Culture Concepts was able to sit down and chat with Louis Loprinzi Kammerer of @bonesbreathing. They discuss his circus history starting with Kung Fu fights, this experience in the Indian circus, his time performing in Cavalia, and all the fun stuff in between! While performing in Cavalia, Louis was ...
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Paper Doll Militia - Rain Anya

“Don’t work! Rain, don’t work!” – An Interview with Rain Anya of Paper Doll Militia

The Paper Doll Militia, led by Rain Anya and Sarah Bebe Holmes, was born over a cup of coffee and a book of poetry by Tim Burton. Their purpose is to enrich the cultural life of the community through dynamic movement, storytelling and education. They seek to create a total visual and emotional experience. In the ...
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“What has made my business different is the fact that I’m willing to be creative” – Interview with Dr. Carlie Huberman

Shared Culture Concepts had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Carlie Huberman of Elite Arts Physical Therapy. We discussed Carlie’s background as a performer starting as a young six-year-old girl being thrown into a professional production even though she was younger than the children they normal accept, her unexpected swinging trapeze performance at eleven years old, ...
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“Am I going to participate in the world or not?” – Interview with Rachel Strickland

Katie: Okay, as you know we started interviewing people that we’ve been associating with because I wanna hear back from them on what their struggles and challenges have been and what their story is. You started everything that you do right now with dancing? Is that right? Rachel: Yes   Katie: How old were you when ...
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Client Highlight: Carlie Huberman of Elite Arts Physical Therapy

Elite Arts Physical Therapy is a mobile PT clinic based out of Raleigh, NC and is owned and operated by Dr. Carlie Huberman, DPT, Raleigh native and lifelong performer. Elite Arts began as a dream to support performance artists to pursue their passions despite injuries. The goal being intimate to Carlie as she refused to ...
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