Have you ever considered starting a podcast? We work closely with Derrick Michaud to produce episodes and we wanted to give you taste of what happens behind the scenes to get your episodes in the cloud!

There are many things to consider when writing and recording a podcast, and Derrick is really the expert here. He’s written the Podcast Launch Series, an eBook that breaks this down into simplified steps, so give it a read if you want to learn more!

And once you’ve recorded all the juicy content, here’s what we do:

-Internal editing to remove audible pauses or stumbling to answer questions.

-Basic mastering to adjust the overall sound quality and sound levels.

-Edit your logo to meet specific requirements by podcast hosting services.

-Publish the content onto a podcast hosting service such as Podbean or Lisbyn to launch your episode on all of the major platforms like iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, and Stitcher.

-We also have the option to SEO optimize your podcasts on your website and also on YT! That way users can more easily find them based on your keywords.

And viola, your listeners can tune in to your episode! We get the pleasure to produce our favorite circus podcast, The Artist Athlete, with Shannon McKenna who is pictured in the photograph above! Go have a listen on all major podcast streaming services, it’s totally addicting!